Game Girl Workshop – more fun than going to the cinema!


Yesterday, 11 October, was International Day of the Girl Child. I want to celebrate this and share a story about four girls that made a game... Read more

Building for Reuse – Mecanim on ReCore


A dog, an ape, a spider, and a human woman walk into a game together... and there we hit our first problem; getting them all to walk. ReCore... Read more

How user research is helping us make Unity better


We have many sources of feedback from our community. User research is one of them. You can add your voice by signing up to participate in on... Read more

Global Illumination in ReCore: Our Work with Microsoft & Armature


It’s no secret: we love hearing from our developers. From feature requests to feedback, the community helps ensure that Unity is always impr... Read more

Introducing the Vulkan renderer preview


Today we're releasing the first developer preview of the upcoming Vulkan renderer for Unity, as announced at Google I/O. Vulkan is a new gen... Read more

In Development – Progressive Lightmapper


We’ve been hard at work on the Progressive Lightmapper since we first showed it at GDC in March. Please watch the video below for a quick in... Read more

Made with Unity Showcase Roster @ Unite ’16 Los Angeles


Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Showcase!  We're excited to announce the roster for the Made with Unity Showcase at Unite 16. Li... Read more

Daydream Technical Preview Available Now


We’re excited to announce that native Daydream support is available as of today! It brings a more streamlined workflow, significant optimiza... Read more

Understanding Memory in Unity WebGL


Since we shipped Unity WebGL, we have put a lot of effort into optimizing memory consumption. We’ve also been explaining how memory works in... Read more

Teaching Unity to non-programmers: Playground Project


Many teachers around the world struggle with delivering introductory workshops on making games. Tools like Unity are complex pieces of softw... Read more